Top Spots for Photo Ops in Mississippi

You may think that you won’t get to take any unique pictures while in Mississippi that others haven’t already taken, but don’t worry as you’ll be getting a lot of brag-worthy shots. You’ll find parks and beaches that look amazing, as well as historical monuments and art installations that will make you stand out with your pictures. Here are some unique places you can visit for photo ops.


Tishomingo State Park

If you want to find beautiful views in Mississippi, then go to Tishomingo State Park, which is filled with history. The park is expansive as it spreads for almost six hundred acres. There are many things you can do in the park, for example, ride a canoe down the creek, or you can take a stroll through the forest. You’ll get a lot of photo opportunities as you explore the state park, so make sure you take your time while you visit.

Mississippi State Fair

If you visit Mississippi during October, chances are you’ll be able to catch the Mississippi State Fair. If you get the opportunity to attend the fair, you’ll get a lot of opportunities for incredible shots. During the night, the Ferris wheel at the festival is an excellent way to get shots from a beautiful view and a great height. If you’re someone that doesn’t like going on rides, then if you go to the fair in the daytime, you can take a picture of the food you get from the festival like cotton candy or the many unique food stalls.

The Windsor Ruins

If you want to explore and take a bunch of pictures of some ruins, then you should go to the Windsor Ruins. The ruins are a landmark of Mississippi, and they are composed of twenty-three columns that used to hold up one of the grandest mansions in Mississippi. The estate that it used to be burnt down in the late nineteenth century. The ruins are a great place to take some beautiful pictures since the surroundings behind the ruins will make any photo look amazing.

The Oceans Springs Beach

A picture by the beach is what everyone wants whenever they go to a unique place. You’ll get a lot of chances to take a picture of the ocean in Mississippi. No social media account is perfect without a seaside photograph, and Mississippi presents a plethora of occasions to take just that. Beaches are the ideal place to capture the majestic sights of the waves reflecting the sunset or sunrise.

The Oxford Square

If you’re visiting Oxford, you should take a walk in Oxford Square. The Oxford Square surrounds the courthouse of Lafayette County. You could take a picture while you’re on the lawn of the courthouse that is lined with tulips. You can try to attend the Double Decker Arts Festival, which is an art event, and take a picture of the many things that you see. There is also Square Books, which is a bookstore, and take a picture of yourself alongside your favorite books.

Natchez Trace

Natchez Trace extends through three different states, but the places where you’ll get the best photos are in Mississippi. The best spots are Cypress Swamp’s boardwalk trail, which is a place where there are majestic trees and peaceful waters, and Sunken Trace, which is a Natural trail formed by the many travelers that have gone through the path over several hundred years.

Natchez Trace
Natchez Trace