The Most Haunted Places in Mississippi

The Most Haunted Places in Mississippi
The Most Haunted Places in Mississippi

The people of Mississippi are fantastic at telling stories. You might even think they were born to tell stories. The ghost stories of Mississippi are as amazing as you expect. They have supernatural sightings, reports of mysterious happenings, eerie events, and scary legends that are all about their state. This article is a collection of the most haunted places in Mississippi, so you can prepare yourself if you ever visit Mississippi in search of somewhere scary to go. If you’re daring enough to wander into the unknown, keep reading.

The King’s Tavern in Natchez

The King’s Tavern was shown off on the show Ghost Adventures. The locals of the city know that it’s one of the oldest buildings in town. Legend has it that there were three dead bodies found in a secret open space behind one of the walls. It was discovered by workers during a renovation on the fireplace in the tavern back in the ’30s. One of the dead bodies was allegedly the original owner of the tavern’s mistress. Few guests there have reported seeing apparitions in the mirrors and hearing the cries of a baby in the restaurant. To this day, the inn and tavern are still open for business.

The McRaven House in Vicksburg

The McRaven House has the title of the most haunted house in Mississippi. It used to be a camp and a field hospital for the Confederate Army. There were at least five deaths that occurred within the grounds of the McRaven House. There were about eleven buried corpses that are found in the McRaven’s soil. In one of the bedrooms upstairs in 1836, Mary Elizabeth Howard died while in labour. They say that her spirit is the most active one out of any of the spirits in the house. There have been many witnesses that report seeing her appear. John Bobb was a former resident of the house, and he has emerged as an apparition to many people as well. He was killed by soldiers of the Union in the proximity of the McRaven house back in 1864. Another spirit you might see in the house is William Murray. In 1911, he died inside the house. You can take a ghost tour in the house if you wish to experience it for yourself.

The Grave Site of the Witch of Yazoo in Yazoo City

If you visit the Glenwood Cemetery in Yazoo City, you’ll find a grave in the middle of it called the Witch’s Grave. The grave has chain links surrounding it. The locals have a legend where the witch that’s buried there used to live alongside the Yazoo River. She used to trick fishers to her so she could torture them as she teased them. The lawmen of Yazoo City eventually caught on, and they pursued her through the muddy swamps. She fell into quicksand and drowned in it partly. When she sank into the quicksand, she cursed the city by saying the city would burn down in twenty years. No one believed her at all, but coincidentally most of the town burnt down many years later.  The Fire of 1904 resulted in over three hundred buildings in Yazoo City to burn down to the ground.