The Best Restaurants in Mississippi – Part 2

Firing up the char-broiler once more, part two of our blog to find some of the best places to eat in Mississippi visits even more great restaurants and diners in this famous old state. We start with a highly regarded seafood restaurant called The Chimneys.

The Chimneys

You cannot escape seafood in Mississippi, even though the coastline on the Gulf is not as expansive as some southern states there is a wealth of freshly caught delicacies on offer in the seafood restaurants in the towns and cities of Mississippi. One of the very best is The Chimneys in Gulfport. This is a fine dining restaurant located right on the coast, so the distance traveled from sea to table is just a stone’s throw. The interior is quite austere, but it is what is happening in the kitchen that this place excels. Try the fish tacos which are a superb lunchtime treat.


Another fine dining restaurant but this time located in Ridgeland. Shapley’s have a reputation for great steaks and fine wines. Only the finest cuts of prime beef are used by the chefs, who are uncompromising in choosing the highest quality seasonal ingredients in their cooking. All the steaks are prepared so they produce the best possible flavor and taste, with fresh toppings such as artichoke hearts, mushrooms and crab they are mouthwatering dishes. As for the wine at Shapley’s, the cellar is quite magnificent, and has frequently been featured in the Wine Spectator.

Walnut Hills

Walnut Hills is a beautiful restaurant located in a hundred year old house that just screams the southern states of America. The wide porch and shuttered windows welcome the hungry diner into the bosom of period Vicksburg and the tradition carries on inside. Little details such as hot sauce bottles adorning the table enhance the diners experience in this historic restaurant, but it is not all about the décor, the food is fabulous too. Walnut Hills has won awards for its lunches, desserts and for Best Home Cooking. One of its signature dishes is its fried chicken, juicy inside and crunchy to the bite.

Parlor Market

Returning back to the state capital, Jackson, you can find Parlor Market which is all about seasonal southern cooking. Parlor Market combines the old traditional southern foods and cooking techniques with contemporary dishes and cooking styles.

On the menu you can find old favorites such as juicy pork chops, and succulent ribeye steaks with the addition of new creations like duck carbonara and smoked duck gumbo. The restaurant is as atmospheric as Walnut Hills, being situated in an old parlor market, with its original wood, marble and brick prominent. Features such as period doorknobs and Edison lights reinforce the 19th Century period feel to everything.

The most endearing feature of Parlor Market is where they source their ingredients from, meat and poultry all come from local farms with fresh vegetables being picked in season for their freshness and flavor. The restaurants featured in our blog have been truly representative of what the great state of Mississippi can offer and shows the diversity and brilliance of this southern cuisine.