The Best Restaurants in Mississippi – Part 1

Mississippi is famed for its rich tradition in food, with so many influences that have helped form the different regional foods of this great state there is awesome variety. Of course, the local produce influences what the chefs and restaurants present to their patrons, and do not be surprised if you were served any of these local delicacies.

  • Blue Crab
  • Po’Boys
  • Soul Food
  • Barbecue
  • Gulf Shrimp
  • Gulf Oysters

In this blog we look at some of the very best places to dine in Mississippi, from glamorous restaurants serving top quality cuisine to local diners serving the best local produce. We start as you should with the first meal of the day, and that is of course breakfast.

Big Bad Breakfast

This place rocks at any time, but particularly early morning. Big Bad Breakfast is all about its signature dish and you will never think of breakfast the same way again after visiting this diner. Some of the options are gut busting but utterly delicious. Try the shrimp and grits for a real taste of Mississippi, or perhaps a freshly made quesadilla oozing with cheese. They also offer a range of piping hot skillets filled with whatever you choose. The restaurant’s slogan is lard have mercy, which very wittingly says what this place is really all about.

Ajax Diner

If you pop down to Oxford you can find this great family diner, serving the best soul food in the town since 1997. Expect to eat good old-fashioned southern food which includes meatloaf, catfish, and hot tamale. Ajax Diner has won awards for the best lunches in Oxford, the Best Cornbread, and the Best Soul Food in the state of Mississippi.


People from Mississippi love grilled meats, and steakhouses are as popular today than they ever have been. In the fine city of Jackson, Char has been serving quality steaks served the Mississippi way for over two decades. And the great thing about Char, is that it is not just beef on the menu. Lamb and veal are also cooked to perfection in the char-broiler, so they retain their moisture and are juicy and succulent. Daily deliveries of seafood make an interesting option too, Char serves some of the best seafood in Jackson. Remember to leave room for dessert, as this restaurant has won state awards for its great desserts.

The Little Dooey

If you have never been to the Southern States before then you have to try their barbecue. The Southern States are proud of their barbecued food, with every restaurant, town, state having their own marinade and particular way how to cook the food.

Located in Starkville, the Little Dooey has a reputation for being one of the best barbecue restaurants in Mississippi. And considering just how many barbecue restaurants there are in this huge state it is some feat. The patrons in Little Dooey come from all over the state to try this brilliant barbecue food, enhanced by homemade sauces and marinades. In part two of our blog on the best restaurants Mississippi we start in Gulfport with a great seafood favorite, The Chimneys.