Natchez Eateries – Part 2

Carriage House Restaurant

Located within the grounds of the historic Stanton Hall, The Carriage House is fine dining at its finest. The food here is top notch, cared for personally by the staff and the head chef Bingo Starr, whose name alone is a bold one. Original favourites are available at the restaurant like fried chicken and biscuit’s but Starr has brought with him some delightful new dishes that are host to his signature style, such as fried soft shell crab. Be sure to take a stroll around the grounds whilst you’re here and take in the history of this grand estate.

The Donut Shop

To look at The Donut Shop you may not be entirely impressed. Though beneath it’s rough exterior you’ll find some of the best sweet tasting, doughy treats you’ve ever tasted. Seriously, whilst you’re in Natchez you’ve got to get your hands on of these freshly made donuts, in fact you’ll want to make sure you get there early before they’ve sold out for the day. If you do miss your chance though fear not as they also sell hot tamales, making their own shucks from scratch for you to enjoy.

The Rolling River Bistro

Rolling River Bistro is a treat for any music lover visiting the area. Of course the place does great food too, with a variety of regional cuisine and signature cocktails that will give you a real taste of the Deep South. Monday to Saturday you’ll find some of the biggest talents from the Mississippi and Louisiana areas performing the blues. If you head down on a Monday you’ll even get to see the only living ‘Mississippi Blues Trail’ artist YZ Ealey whilst tucking into grilled and raw oysters for only 50 Cents a pop.

Castle Restaurant and Pub

This is something of a two for one special, The Castle Restaurant and Pub is located in an original carriage house and stables that dates back to the 1790’s. In the restaurant you can enjoy a delectable range of southern cuisine along with a huge selection of wines; in fact it has the largest selection in the state so you’re sure to find something to your taste here. You can also visit the pub which resides in the basement; here you’ll find a fantastic beer menu with both local and imported drinks from across the world. This is the perfect place for a cosy evening with warm atmosphere.

Slick Rick’s Café

Goliath burgers and sugar coated donuts may be great but what about food for the more health conscious amongst you? Well you’ll want to get yourselves over to Slick Rick’s Café, to be honest even if you aren’t health conscious you should still pay the place a visit. Slick Rick has developed his own array of spice mix’s that could liven up the saddest of dishes, so imagine what they will do to the already exciting southern cuisine available. Here you’ll find the tastiest sandwiches, burgers and wraps around and if you enjoy what you’ve eaten you can even purchase some of the spice mixes to take home with you.