Natchez Eateries – Part 1

King’s Tavern

King’s Tavern is a must visit for any tourist that wants to take in the cities past with an added bonus of filling their belly. The Tavern specialises in hand crafted foods like wood fired flatbreads and pot pies topped with a tasty biscuit crust. They also serve their own specially made cocktails and drinks to with them. As if their delicious menu wasn’t enough though what makes King’s Tavern really special is that it is actually the oldest standing building, not just in Natchez but in the Mississippi area dating back to 1789.

Jughead’s Fish Fry

The rebirth of a Natchez classic, Jughead’s Fish Fry now stands in a location to that of its predecessor located in the levee towards the river, just south of Vidalia, Louisiana. Unfortunately that closed around a quarter of a century ago and it certainly was unfortunate as people used to travel upward of 20 miles to try its ‘all you can eat’ seafood delights. Don’t be fooled though, just because it’s a new restaurant doesn’t mean the quality has changed. The new Jughead’s is now owned by the original owners grandson which means they still have the same great tasting recipe’s that people travelled so far to try.

Roux 61

Established in 2013, Roux 61 has quickly become a favourite place to dine in the city. It was started by two brothers who had a passion for punchy Southern flavours and served them up in huge generous portions with top of the line service. Not only is the food something special but they have an extensive drinks menu that will leave nobody thirsty. You can also experience the kind of live music the Mississippi is so well known for. People travel across state lines to see what all the hype is about here at Roux 61 and they rarely go home disappointed.

Fat Mama’s Tamales

Often noted as making the best tamales in Natchez, if you’re looking for a taste of the Mississippi you simply must go to Fat Mama’s Tamales. This restaurant has won countless awards and honorary mentions, not just for its fantastic tamales but its ‘Fire & Ice’ pickles along with its ‘Knock-You-Naked’ margaritas. So if it’s a fine example of local food with a great atmosphere you’ll want to head to Fat Mama’s Tamales. If you fall in love with the place (and I’m sure you will) you can even treat yourself to something from the gift shop to forever remember your visit.

The Malt Shop

This may not be the fanciest joint on the list but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting. The Malt Shop is a local favourite, well known for their BBQ beef sandwiches, cat fish plates and well sized burgers. In fact you’ll want to make sure you have room in your stomach here, a standard burger plate comes as a double deluxe and if you’re feeling strong you can even tackle their famous half pound burger, the ‘Big Daddy’.