Movie Fanatics Will Love These Filming Locations in Mississippi

Movie Fanatics Will Love These Filming Locations in Mississippi
Movie Fanatics Will Love These Filming Locations in Mississippi

The tradition of storytelling in Mississippi is a tradition that has been going strong for many centuries. Many of America’s most prominent musicians, filmmakers, and writers were born in the state. Many popular TV shows and movies were filmed in the state of Mississippi. There are many prime locations in Mississippi for filming. If you ever visit the state, you should explore these locations as they are the settings of films but in real life.

My Dog Skip, from 2000

The locations they filmed My Dog Skip, which is an adaptation of the famous memoir by Willie Morris, were in Yazoo City and Canton. Those two places were where the author spent their childhood. The Canton Movie Museum has an exhibit that contains pieces of the film’s sets. They have the Witch’s Crypt and the birthday party of Willie scene. You can try to join a tour where you can reenact scenes from the movie throughout the city of Canton. You will also be able to relive scenes from A Time To Kill, which is a bestseller novel by John Grisham. There is a driving tour in Yazoo City. The tour lets you go to places that the author spent their childhood in like from the book. The tour covers locations all around Yazoo City, like the author’s childhood place in Grand Avenue.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? from 2000

A majority of the scenes that were filmed in the movie were shot in the state of Mississippi. The Coen Brothers made the film, and it was a huge hit. You can visit D’Lo to see the Strong River, which is where you can step on the stones on the water where Pete, Delmar, and Everett were charmed by the sirens. To the north of Canton, you’ll find the courthouse square from the old times, which is where the political rally held by Homer took place. You can find other sites where the filming took place from Leland to Vicksburg to Natchez. You can also visit Edwards, which is where there is the beautiful railroad bridge that was part of the final scene.

The Help, from 2012

The numerous historical areas in Greenwood and Jackson are where The Help has had many scenes filmed. The movie was set in Jackson during the 60s. The film won many awards like a Golden Globe or an Oscar since it was a box office hit in 2012. The popularity of the film caused fans of the movie to desire to see the filming locations. Many areas were filmed for the movie like historic neighbourhoods in Jackson like Fondren and Belhaven. You can go on tour by getting a map that will show you how to get to iconic movie spots like the bench in front of Skeeter’s home and the willow tree.

Mississippi Grind, from 2015

The movie stars Ben Mendelsohn and Ryan Reynolds. They play as poker players hard on their luck and who starts off the film by taking a road trip around the southern regions of the United States. People who visit casinos and such in Mississippi might be able to recognise Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino. They will also remember the Imperial Palace Resort from the movie. These places were some of the filming locations.