Foods you have to try in the Mississippi

While you’re in the Mississippi you simply must try their catfish. It’s one of the largest producers of farm-raised catfish in America so it’s no surprise that the dish has become something of a speciality here. It’s seasoned with a classic combination of Cajun spices, coated in flour and fried until the batter turns a golden brown. It’s sometimes served with potato salad, coleslaw or cornbread, another favourite bite in the Mississippi so why not hit two birds with one stone?


Colloquially named ‘Mud Bugs’, the Crawfish is a crustacean that’s become synonymous with Louisiana Culture. Their popularity has spread across the border to Mississippi and they are certainly a treat. Many people here will have what’s called a “crawfish boil”, a sort of get together where the host will get a large boiling pot and cook up a vast amount of mud bugs, once ready to eat they’re placed out to serve on a big table lined with newspaper and everyone digs in. It’s a great social occasion so if you see a public one on your travels, be sure to get involved.


Mississippi is situated in the Gulf of Mexico, because of this seafood is bountiful and of course a favourite here. As well as catfish and crawfish, shrimp is a popular choice. It’s an incredibly versatile food, you can have it boiled, fried, baked, poached, the list is endless. (See Forrest Gump for Bubba’s impressive list of ways to cook shrimp).

Mississippi Mud Pie

The chocolate-based desert pie, it’s pretty much a given that while in Mississippi you have to try the Mississippi mud pie. This dense dessert contains a thick chocolate filling with a crust made up of crushed cookies, coated with gooey chocolate sauce and served with ice cream. It was named after the muddy banks of the Mississippi river but tastes like an absolute dream.

Pecan nuts

Another abundant food in the Mississippi area is the pecan nut. Again due to their availability the people here have found plenty of ways to prepare and serve them.

Why not try some Cajun fried nuts?

These great seasoned snacks are incredibly addictive and will keep you satisfied for hours. If you’re looking for something a bit more substantial however why not try a slice of pecan pie? It’s a true Southern classic and you’ll find it made a variety of different ways all across the state, look out for those made with bourbon for something with a tasty kick.

Sweet Potatoes

Perhaps this is a food that sounds fairly underwhelming but stay with me here. In the North of the state you can find the Vardaman area, here the climate and soil is perfect for growing sweet potatoes en masse. Every year the town has a festival to celebrate the food; they even have a main street running through the town named Sweet Potato Avenue. If that doesn’t convince you that the sweet potatoes here are a bit special then I don’t know what will.