Family Fishing Adventures on Inshore Reefs in Mississippi

Have you ever considered fishing on the inshore reefs of the Mississippi? Mississippi is dotted with artificial reefs and makes a great family fishing trip.  Mississippi was not a great reef for fishing until 2002 as it did not hold sufficient fish. This change took place when the I-10 Bridge required replacing. This was the time that the reef was created for the first time. After a few years, the damage done by Hurricane Katrina was used to build an inshore structure purposefully.

There are more than 70 reefs, and you can have loads of fun on the water. Mississippi has become a family dream vacation spot for the diverse fishing expeditions it offers. Here are a few inshore reef facts:

  • There are 73 artificial reefs in total peppering the coast and is placed there by the Marine Resources of the Mississippi Department for Marine Conservation.
  • The reefs comprise of limestone, crushed concrete, and oyster shells.
  • Most of them are at a depth of 4 to 10 feet in the water, and they are off the beach by a mile or two.
  • Signs mark the location of the reef
  • There are GPS makers available for tourists to spot the reefs

Multiple Species

Mississippi’s coastal waters have multiple species producing fish and offer more than twenty pounds of fish. There are seatrout and sheepshead in plenty. The trout are found moving in significant numbers along the reefs. There are the Redfish and big bulls that are found in spring and summer in the shallow parts of the water. Taylor Reef has trout weighing around 6 pounds.

The reefs here offer year-round action. The colder months of winter are a fascinating fishing time as there is a lot of Redfish, sheepshead, and black puppy drum. The reefs draw the anglers to its action-packed waters to load their freezers with well-stocked fish.

These reefs are excellent sites for fishing throughout the year. There are many reefs that anglers can have easy access to catch fish. There is no need to wait long or work hard to start fishing, and this has made Mississippi a popular destination for beginner and advanced fishing enthusiasts.

Mississippi is known for a lot of specific species namely the tasty sheepshead, Black drum, and Redfish and Trout that you may get any day of the year. The reefs hold Flounder and Tripletail, besides Sharks, Ladyfish, Bluefish, and a lot more.

Kick-back And Reel-in Throughout The Year

The best things about the Inshore Reefs in Mississippi are that there is plenty of fish and you will never come up empty-handed. Throughout the year the stars of these waters are the Black Drum, and during spring they come in huge numbers and sizes. Summer and spring also are beneficial as there is Redfish in plenty and you get a combination of bulls with smaller fish.

During summers the trout is your most significant find, some get pretty big even, though the smaller ones come in large numbers too. You can find around 20lbs of toothy sharks like the Tripletail and Blacktip.  The summers are hot and calm, while in the noon there may be some storms; if there are storms make sure to get back to the dock safely. The reefs in Mississippi are not for skilled anglers alone. Even a beginner can enjoy a great time. Local guides serve the crowd and also help in catching some unique variety of fish.