Chow Time in Memphis – Part 2

The Bar-B-Q Shop – More than just a highly creative name, The Bar-B-Q Shop is Food Network favourite, in fact according to the show Top Five Restaurants they don’t just do the best ribs in Memphis but the best in America. A bold claim this may be but you’re likely to agree once you’ve visited, these guys cover all the classics and even have their own range of sauces, the Dancing Pigs Bar-B-Q Sauce.

Choice Chow – Naturally the ribs need to be mentioned, however this restaurants signature dish is their original creation, Bar-B-Q Spaghetti. For this dish pieces of smoked pork shoulder mixed with a tangy sauce are tossed together with spaghetti noodles, it may sound strange but it tastes amazing.

Cozy Corner – Don’t be fooled by the rather simplistic décor of the Cozy Corner restaurant, the food here is top notch. Another contender for some of the best BBQ food in Memphis, here the food is cooked using a Chicago style smoker. The coals are further away from the grill than usual and the meat is first placed on the rack closest to the coals then slowly raised until smoked to perfection. You won’t be disappointed with the results.

Choice Chow – If there’s one thing you’ve got to try at Cozy Corner it’s the Cornish Game Hen. A whole hen, barbecued and served up for your enjoyment.

Also, for a real taste of the South why not finish up with their Sweet Potato Pie?

Lucky Cat Ramen – Though BBQ may be the staple food of Memphis that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing available to you. If you’re on the hunt for somewhere different then I recommend you give Lucky Cat Ramen a shot. Here you’ll find some fantastic ramen bowls, both classic flavours and those that are unique to Memphis. Though it’s different there are still some local touches, meat and eggs are sourced from local farms which insure that each bite is made with quality.

Choice Chow – A tough pick to be sure but it’s got to be the Yuzu Veggie Bowl, it’s not just meat on the menu and this dish will prove that it’s not always needed. The lemongrass-ginger vegetable broth alone is enough to blow your mind, give it a shot.

Alcenia’s Southern Style Cuisine – Nowhere has a friendlier atmosphere than Alcenia’s Southern Style Cuisine, a place where you literally get a hug either as you enter or as you leave from the owner. Not only will you find a truly warm reception hear but some of the best Southern cuisine going. Fried chicken, baked catfish and pork chops all taste great here, not to mention the steamed cabbage seasoned with a mix of herbs and spices that’ll really pack a punch. The restaurant has been featured on the Food Network, the Travel Channel and even in Oprah Magazine so if you don’t believe me take their word for it.

Choice Chow – Nothing says ‘Deep South’ like a plate of fried catfish and here at Alcenia’s you certainly wont leave regretting your choice. That being said whatever you pick here is great, and don’t forget to try some of the cabbage, or to leave without your hug.