Chow Time in Memphis – Part 1

The Arcade – I think the most sensible place to start would be with the oldest surviving café in Memphis, The Arcade. Established in 1919, it was built by a Greek immigrant named Speros Zapatos. Later in the 1950s his son Harry took over and transformed the place into a hip and happenin’ fifties diner and these furnishings still grace the interior today. If that wasn’t enough it’s well known for being one of Elvis Presley’s favourite hang out spots too.

Choice Chow – The Arcade has a wide range of classic diner options but why not try Elvis’s favourite sandwich, the fried Peanut Butter ‘N’ Banana Sandwich? If it’s good enough for the King it’s good enough for me.

Hog & Hominy – If you’re looking to be a little more adventurous whilst not rocking the boat too much then Hog & Hominy could be the place for you. Here you’ll find a blend of both Southern and Italian style cuisine that blend so perfectly you’ll not know how you lived without it. From meatballs to buffalo pig tails the range here is great and the atmosphere is so casual and laid back that you’ll feel like you can hang out all day.

Choice Chow – The restaurant has gained several accolades for its quality so it’s no surprise that all the food here is top notch. For a real taste of the blended styles try the Red Eye Pizza, topped with pork belly, fontina, egg, celery leaf and sugo.

Kooky Canuck – If its mammoth portion sizes you’re after well look no further than Kooky Canuck. This place specialises in huge, great tasting burgers and they’ve got something for everyone, sweet, cheesy, extra hot, turkey and even veggie. In fact their “Memphis Best” burger was Shoemaker Financial winner of the Best Burger at the 2012 Memphis Burger Festival.

Choice Chow – Some may remember Kooky Canuck from its appearance in Man V. Food, if so then you’ll know of the ‘Kookamunga Challenge’. The burger is 4lbs of beef and ground chuck topped off with a pound and a half of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and cheese. If you can eat all 7.5lbs of it in under ah hour then you get the burger for free. Easy right?

Central BBQ – Memphis is renowned for its BBQ food and when you visit you’ll see why. There are so many great restaurants and bars that specialise in the food and so many that do it well. It’s difficult to say exactly who does it best but surely one of the frontrunners for the title has to be Central BBQ. It’s the favourite place of most locals in Memphis, often finding itself at the #1 spot in votes for the best barbecue in town. It’s easy to see why, they to do the works here, ribs, brisket, pulled pork, wings, sausage each with a taste that’ll always leave you wanting more, no matter how full you might feel.

Choice Chow – Central BBQ is known best for its Pork BBQ Nachos, these are tortilla chips covered in marinated and slow-smoked pulled pork then topped off with both cheese sauce and shredded cheese, jalapeños and tasty BBQ Shake for seasoning.