Beers on the Gulf Coast – Part 2

Fort Bayou Brewing Company

This is a company that concentrates on creating fine quality beers with a respect for the traditional art of the brewing craft. Their aim is to create beers that encapsulate the spirit of both fun and relaxation in the area whilst having a variety wide enough to suit everybody’s tastes. The company has been brewing since 1990 and its head brewer has learnt the craft and seasoned his skills in Washington D.C., California and even England, a country that prides itself on its ales. To top it all off you can enjoy these quality drinks in Companies own taproom, The Cypress Taphouse. Here you can enjoy the full array of Fort Bayou Brewing Company beers with exceptional Cajun dishes that complement each other so well under a beautiful gazebo surrounded by the serenity of a koi pond. Here they believe in serous brewing but don’t worry, the Fort Bayou Brewing Company take care not to be too pretentious and aim to keep things as relaxing (and tasty) as possible.

Hops and Growlers

Hops and Growlers is a fantastic micropub in Ocean Springs that brews their own range of beers, again with a huge variety to choose from. It’s co-owned by Scott and Theresa Hixson, a husband and wife hailing from Delta Grind in Water Valley which is also in Mississippi. They use local ingredients to create a whole host of beers for a menu that’s constantly changing throughout the year. They know their stuff and create drink that match the seasons so you’ll always be able to drink the perfect drink for the time you visit. The micropub serves around 20 different drinks so there’s surely going to be something for everyone. Though some will be staple classics like stouts and IPA’s don’t be surprised to find more exciting offerings as well, for example on St Patricks Day you can get yourself a ‘Leprechaun Magic’, it’s a green beer with swirls of glitter that looks as magic as the name suggests.

Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company

Perhaps the most widely available of the bunch are the beers of the Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company. It was founded in the 2003, this may not seem that long ago but due to laws in the state the company went on to build the first package brewery in Mississippi in 2005 since the American prohibition was first in enacted in 1907. Now their beers can be found all across the South and even in New York, with plans to expand their products even sooner. Despite this incredible expansion the Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company is both proud of and still inspired by their Mississippian heritage which is still very much a part of their drinks today, made to compliment the traditions of the Deep South and remain true to the characteristic Southern tastes. The company has a beer for everyone, from fruity drinks like their ‘Sour Blackberry, to hoppy beers like the ‘Hop Luck IPA’ and even to their own original brew the ‘Southern Pecan’ which they claim is the first beer in the world made with whole roasted pecans.