Beers on the Gulf Coast – Part 1

If you’re planning on taking a trip to Mississippi you won’t want miss out on the delights of the Gulf Coast. The Mississippi Gulf Coast is the area that runs across the southern coast of the state, it traditionally refers to three counties that lie across the Mississippi Sound, and these counties are Hancock County, Harrison County and Jackson County. The coastal region is naturally a great place to go to experience the sea food that the area is so well known for and proud of. Red fish, crab meat, shrimp and crawfish are all favourites here, that being said it’s not just surf that’s available but turf as well. In fact there’s a great range of BBQ meats and steaks all over the area. You can’t really go wrong when it comes to food but you’ll no doubt need something refreshing to wash it all down with. Don’t worry though, once again the people have of Mississippi have you covered with these great local breweries each producing some great tasting beers.

Biloxi Brewing Company

First up we have the Biloxi Brewing Company; these guys have produced an excellent range of beers that host a fine variety of flavours that are sure to have something for even the pickiest of drinkers. There are currently five different beers in its line up, two of these are stouts the first of these is named ‘Black Gold’ and is an award winning beer with the dark colour and roasted malt flavouring that stouts are known for, it has a beautifully smooth finish that rewards the drinker after every sip. The second is named ‘Black Gold Breakfast Blend’ which is a variation of the previous, roasted with coffee beans and containing chocolate notes that are a perfect match for the BBQ food and ice cream desserts available all over the area. This is part of the companies ‘Coastal Life Series’ in which beers have been crafted especially to match summer life on the Gulf Coast. The other beer in this series is ‘Salty Dog’, a gose beer which an old styled German wheat beer mixed with salt and coriander. These guys are definitely worth looking out for.

Chandeleur Brewing Company

If you’re looking for a brewery that thinks outside of the box with its flavours, then the Chandeleur Brewing Company is one you’ll want to look out for. Cammack and Cain Roberds began brewing these craft beers in 2013 and their passion and love for it shines through with their unique branding and flavours. They are local brewers in every sense and love the area, which has clearly inspired them to create something that fits in perfectly with the relaxed state of the coastal lifestyle. Here you will find classic tastes like the currently popular hoppy IPA’s in ‘Lil’ Smack’ and ‘Osiris Gulf IPA’ along with more outlandish (but still delicious) flavours like ‘Curlew’s Coconut Porter’, ‘Guava Jelly Sour Ale’ and ‘H90 Surf Side Pineapple Wheat’. Whether you’d like to stick to the classics or try something new you can’t go wrong with the Chandeleur Brewing Company.