Barber of Mississippi

Creepy things are happening everywhere but the coastal states that have a shoreline on the Gulf of Mexico are the winners. Some people blame the southern heat, others say that the Gulf Coast has its curse, the third part believes that the ghost of the bloody past of slavery cannot rest in peace, so they are coming back to punish one generation after another. No one knows the truth, but the fact is that Mississippi is related to the countless number of spooky stories and crimes. One of the strangest series of incidents happened here in 1942 when a criminal called “the Phantom Barber of Pascagoula” were terrorizing the locals by his habit of cutting the hair of young girls and woman while they were sleeping.

Barber of Mississippi
Barber of Mississippi

The First Incident

The Phantom Barber became popular in one night when his first performance was made in 1942. During the hot summer night of June 5, the police received a report that two young girls Edna Hydel and Mary Briggs who slept in the same room were attacked by an unknown man that sneaked into a room throughout their bedroom window. One girl felt that someone is touching her hair, so she woke up and saw a strange, short, and a little fat man with scissors in his hand. She started to yell, and that man runs away. The girls were not harmed but they both were missing a lock of hair. At that time people were scared by many things, as a result, the public paranoia because of the new criminal just boomed immediately.

More Victims

A few days later after the first attack, the new report was received that the same incident happened for Carol Peattie, 6 years old girl who was sleeping at home in a shared bedroom together with her twin brother. Both kids awake when they were scared by the noise of a man but only the girl was missing a lock of hair again. A week later, a woman was attacked. This time the attack was a little different because when the victim woke up, this Phantom Barber used a heavy iron bar and attacked the victim and her husband. The couple survived but the woman was missing a bunch of hair and her front teeth. The last incident took place two more days later when another young woman was attacked. This time, the Barber sneaked inside throughout the window, stuck a chloroform-soaked rag over the face of his victim, and cut another lock of her hair.


No more attacks were made but all citizens lived in constant fear. Finally, two months later the local police announced that they arrested the Phantom Barber who was 57-year old chemist William Dolan. He had some legal issues with the father of one victim and local people had many suspicions that this man was collaborating with Nazis as he was German. Although there was not enough evidence, police claimed that a large sack of human hair was found behind his home. Dolan was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in prison, but no one was sure that the Phantom Barber of Pascagoula was this man.